A legacy of integrity

Our name is derived from a Sesotho word meaning integrity.

Philosophically it is also the word for the shadow or aura that people cast as they go through life – a shadow that grows when you do good and is diminished when you do bad. So in essence your ‘seriti’ becomes your reputation and ultimately, your legacy.

At Seriti we aim to be constantly aware of the shadow we cast and of the great legacy we will create for our stakeholders, and our country.

Seriti by numbers

Seriti at a glance


We are a broad-based, 91% black-controlled mining company


We have ring-fenced 10% of our shareholding for the benefit of employees and communities


We are responsible for supplying coal to power stations


We employ more than 17,000 people


We produce around 34.3 Mt of domestic coal per annum

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